Routine November 2017

This month I have added the upper body exercises into the routines. Now this can be done with bands or nothing at all. This is something I have been doing in the studio classes over the last few month I have also used them in the mat classes at Dance east, the classes at the council offices have been using the bands I have a series of different strengths, the exercises with no bands or weights are about building some basic movements into the routine without causing any problems and reintroducing some skills and movement memory. Once we have developed these movements we can then introduce the bands. I first start with light ones followed by a stronger band and once this has been done we can then move onto the free weights.


The first movement is stretching the band out to the side at shoulder height, this will encourage the muscles of the chest to strengthen but at the same time will help to improve your posture.

For the second movement we are stretching the arm above the head and out to the side taking the band behind the head to shoulder height, I use this exercise on a regular basis to stretch the shoulder out, something we all need to do on a daily basis to help with tension after being at the office for a long period.

For the third of the exercises we are going to place a band under one foot, it does not matter which one but the foot is slightly forwards, we then stretch the arms out the side at shoulder height.

For the fourth exercises we are keeping the band under the foot, we are going to raise the right arm in front of the body to shoulder height and then lower and then repeat on the left arm and we then repeat 5 time on each arm.

For the next series of moments we are performing a series of biceps curls, I always break these down into a set of three. The first moments is done with the elbows by your side we then curl the arms from the thigh to your waist, then return back to the thigh. The next is from the half way point to the shoulders and again return back to the half way point and the third movement is the full curl from the thigh to the shoulder.

For the final movement we are going work the triceps, hold the band in the right hand now drop the band down your back, take hold of the other end of the band behind your back just below your shoulder blades, keeping the left hand still we are stretching the right hand to the ceiling holding the end of the band, we complete five time, we then repeat on the left arm.





On of the issues I have had over the last couple of week in the mat classes within the  matt class It has also raised its face in the studio. It about why I like to put in so many pelvic tilts and lifts at the start of a class.

A series of Pelvic tilts and lifts brings every body part into play and requires you to control the movement throughout the exercise including our breathing which is to all forms of movement fundamental but if you perform a more challenging movement before you have the breathing technic under your belt you will find that you can perform all types of movements correctly.

The next reason for this series of movements is to help us to make sure the body is held in the correct position. When we start performing the pelvic exercises we are looking to the foot, checking that the whole of the foot is correctly placed on the floor and that the shoulders and neck are relaxed the feet and shoulders are required to be maintain their position throughout the exercise.

As we perform each of the movements we start to check different parts of the body, the first of the movements requires the pelvis to lift correctly. The second section I start to look at the movement of the lumber and to check that the abdominal muscles are controlling the movements. In the third movement I am looking for a relaxed movement through the rib caged, that we have no tension in the neck. For the fifth we stretching the arms over the head and checking that the shoulders are relaxed. In the sixth movement I start to look at the raise and  fall of the foot as it lifts into a demi point. In the next section I have  used a pelvic tilt and added  the leg extension this requires the whole body to perform the correctly to keep the balance.

Each of the moments can be seen as we pass through each section. If at any time we are unable to perform one we return back to something a little more basic to our routine until we have mastered it.

The movements also teach us to use all the other muscles correctly so improving our overall performance.