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May  Newsletter. 


The studio 


    Everyone has just about returned from the holidays, this is something that happens every year in the Autumn due to the changes in the cost of many of the holidays and with grandparents not being required for baby sitting duties.

This can also throws up a few issues with some damaging their back during the summer holidays but we seem to have sorted most of these issues out. It is always a little strange that the years may pass but the same problems seem to raise their heads through out the year and at the same time every year.

I have made a decision to take some holiday over the Christmas period  I will be finishing on Saturday the 23rd December and start back on Tuesday 2nd  January 2018 all being well. I will  also be taking a day off in November but as yet we have not been given a date  but it will be on the board in the changing rooms soon as possible.

Well, last month we have had a few issues with ankles and few clients on chemotherapy, now this month has seen a number of my clients who have multiple sclerosis seeing some changes to their conditions. this has made me think outside the box as usual, the first being the change in the weather and the heating going on around the building and shops etc, whilst this is going on we get some effects in the condition which  with good management of the condition we can also improve the overall health of the client.  

This at the end of the day is what Jospeh Pilates had intended from this form of exercise, that is to help those with long and short term problems, aiming to return them back to a normal or near normal fitness.

  Joyce has been very upset, she is disappointed that she hasn’t had any of the Ipswich town footballers in, she needs a little bit of eye candy !! On the other hand she’s lost Phil, who has moved over to the 8 o’clock slot on a Tuesday for the time being, who is another one that took a breath away occasionally. 


I have spoken to local car wash at the bottom of Fonnereau Road and I have arranged  for a discount on car washes, if you would like to avail of this please ask for one of the leaflets from the studio next time you are in, prices are £10 wash and dry and £5 for a wash.
Opening Times 

8 am finishing at 12 
230  finishing at 530
8 am finishing at 12 
8 am finishing at 12 
230  finishing at 7
8 am finishing at 12 
230  finishing at 7
8 am finishing at 1pm  




Gilmour Pipers   

 I have no news within the practice that has come up except that I have been working with both Jane ,Mark Newman, Joe and James with a few new case over the last month which have required me to work with them over certain problems. James has been away for a few days  in Germany with his martial arts group I always get a little worried about James going on one of these weekends as he has a tendency to return back with an injury, we shall see. Jane has been playing mixed Hockey something I gave up some years ago after breaking  my nose and smashing the side of my face in, ending up in hospital for a couple of weeks. I lived then so I felt it was time to switch my allegiance to swimming, something much safer, Jane!  



 Whats app

One of the things I have set up this month is a what's app page so that if I have to cancel class I can cancel the whole group at once without making it too difficult for everybody, this also has the advantage of being confidential of course. If I haven’t linked up with you and you want to join in please let me know.



Dance East 

I have great news for everybody the parking has improved beside DanceEast and the council offices have taken over the parking which is brilliant so we now have parking from 2 PM until the end of day for £2  which I think is perfectly acceptable, please note that if you’re coming to a class on a match day give yourself plenty of time to find a parking space.





  One of the problems I have teaching these classes has been the issue with the air-conditioning. Unfortunately at DanceEast  we are working in a modern building and for some reason opening windows was not considered to be healthy thing to do , although we have two small windows that open up at the top it doesn’t give us enough fresh air in the studio. 


  We have been working with MS so the class has to change to meet these needs at times. This means we have to use a slightly different style of lesson, we work with the disorder without causing any stress to the pupil but at the same time still motivating and developing strength. This is a very thin  line we walk and follow but it is not impossible as I found when dealing with ME some 25 years ago successfully.



   As alway this class works very hard but we are still seeing a few problems, sciatica being one of them and a spinal op that had been done last year and was very successful but still causing as few issues but I have admit that her strength is impressive. 


  We have seen Brian back in the class which is great fun. Brian is unable to get on the floor so we have rearrange the exercises for him to be able to complete the same movements sit or standing, both being possible. It is also nice have Ursula and Maurice  back both looking very tanned after their long holiday.




With Nicky away Trish had to use June to shelter her from the radiator apparently June is not quite as good as Nicky at the job but never mind. Everyone popped around to wish Val a Happy Birthday, we still miss seeing her in the studio on a Monday.

Ipswich School

We have been very busy up till this end of term, we have been able to put in some slightly more challenging exercises I have also found some unusual movements I have not used before hope to write them into next term class.

Grafton House.

We have had a very steady classes over the last month, a lot have been taking their last holidays of the summer or even baby sitting, a few have even had a birthday which has been great fun hearing what they have been doing, we are also waiting for Robs wife to have her baby which is also brilliant news.


 Ipswich and Suffolk club


Ipswich and Suffolk Club 9am

 It has been great to have Rabih back in the class again.We have seen a lot of bugs over the last couple of weeks, coughs and cold are abroad again so we have to kept an eye on some of the problems this can cause such as lower back and tight chest after a lot of coughing .



Ipswich and Suffolk Club 10.30

  We have seen a couple new clients, we have also seen a lot of problems but it has also seen some success which has been very rewarding but we have had to take our time with them, patience is the key.

Ipswich School of Dance 

These classes have been quietly building over the last four weeks, lots of nice problems but at the same time its nice to have one or two  of the dancers including Zac and Freya

It has also been nice to see Gareth and Sharon join the class for the first time from Dance east this was due the fact both have been unable to book in.


Stars of the Studio.

 Gemma is in Sunset Boulevard and is touring around the UK, she is doing well and I hope to see her in March next year in Ipswich at the Regent.


  David and Sandra are back in competitions and we are looking forwards to seeing some silverware coming into the classes. But their last competition was not so great did not get a call back but David made a few mistakes, something that happens to us all from time to time.


Zac is getting ready for a Pro-am  completion with his Mum, we are looking forwards to see the results, It has been fun watching the practise. I have just had wonderful news Zac and Emma have just taken their first joint FIRST place in the professional and amateur  completion, a star is born!!!


First Aid Course 

 The course I ran in Halesworth on the 7th October, was most enjoyable we had a lot of fun as it meant I had to think outside the box I was teaching a group of tree surgeons also known as lumber jacks !!!! It meant that I was able to use things I would normal not be able to and it was great fun to do. I came across thing I had never thought of before like different types of crush injuries and how to deal with them.


It is also time for me to run a training session at Gilmour Pipers when the school holidays are over.


I have  had some changes in the law for the first aid courses, the changes are not major but it is going to take me some time to go through everything. This is one of those things that will not change when we leave the EU as we are controlled by all the governing bodies around the world.


I also have to retake my oxygen and anaphylactic shock something I have to do every three years, I am not sure if I will enjoy this but it is essential for me to keep my certifications up to scratch but it will also give me an insight into what is going on  and abreast of any changes.

It is that time of the year when I need someone to exam me so I think I will ask Allan to come into my class at Ipswich and Suffolk club I hope to be running a course for the staff at the club and to help Robert with some of the problems the staff might find.


MY Training 


   Has changed over the last few months. I need to return my swimming back to the speed training I used to do on a regular basis so I have returned  to a swimming club, training at Felixstowe. I needed to get back my love for the water and not go through the pain of cold water  and the long distance swims against strong currents, I feel I have lost some of my old skills so I have moved on for the moment.


My sessions start on a Monday with a 4 to 7 km run into work and back plus a work out in the gym.

On the Tuesday I complete two 10 km bike rides into work and back again and a studio sessions plus a stretch class in the evening.

On the Wednesday I am completing two runs  of 4 to 5 km morning and evening plus a 3 km swim in the pool plus a workout in the studio in the morning.

On the Thursday I am completing two runs  of 4 to 5 km morning and evening plus a 3 km swim in the pool plus a workout in the studio in the morning.

On the Friday I walk into town and back again which is about 6 km I swim at Felixstowe for an 1hr and a 1/2 in the pool swimming around about 5 km .

Saturday I am running into work 4 to 5 km after a session in the studio I go over the dance studio for a dancing lesson.

On the Sunday morning I complete a 2 hr session in the pool at 7 am, swimming around 7 km.


I will be returning back to the open water during the winter on a Saturday afternoon after my lesson



This Month's Routine




   This month I have added the upper body exercises into the routines. Now this can be done with bands or nothing at all. This is something I have been doing in the studio classes over the last few month I have also used them in the mat classes at Dance east, the classes at the council offices have been using the bands I have a series of different strengths, the exercises with no bands or weights are about building some basic movements into the routine without causing any problems and reintroducing some skills and movement memory. Once we have developed these movements we can then introduce the bands. I first start with light ones followed by a stronger band and once this has been done we can then move onto the free weights.


The first movement is stretching the band out to the side at shoulder height, this will encourage the muscles of the chest to strengthen but at the same time will help to improve your posture.

For the second movement we are stretching the arm above the head and out to the side taking the band behind the head to shoulder height, I use this exercise on a regular basis to stretch the shoulder out, something we all need to do on a daily basis to help with tension after being at the office for a long period.

For the third of the exercises we are going to place a band under one foot, it does not matter which one but the foot is slightly forwards, we then stretch the arms out the side at shoulder height.

For the fourth exercises we are keeping the band under the foot, we are going to raise the right arm in front of the body to shoulder height and then lower and then repeat on the left arm and we then repeat 5 time on each arm.

For the next series of moments we are performing a series of biceps curls, I always break these down into a set of three. The first moments is done with the elbows by your side we then curl the arms from the thigh to your waist, then return back to the thigh. The next is from the half way point to the shoulders and again return back to the half way point and the third movement is the full curl from the thigh to the shoulder.

For the final movement we are going work the triceps, hold the band in the right hand now drop the band down your back, take hold of the other end of the band behind your back just below your shoulder blades, keeping the left hand still we are stretching the right hand to the ceiling holding the end of the band, we complete five time, we then repeat on the left arm.





On of the issues I have had over the last couple of week in the mat classes within the  matt class It has also raised its face in the studio. It about why I like to put in so many pelvic tilts and lifts at the start of a class.

A series of Pelvic tilts and lifts brings every body part into play and requires you to control the movement throughout the exercise including our breathing which is to all forms of movement fundamental but if you perform a more challenging movement before you have the breathing technic under your belt you will find that you can perform all types of movements correctly.

The next reason for this series of movements is to help us to make sure the body is held in the correct position. When we start performing the pelvic exercises we are looking to the foot, checking that the whole of the foot is correctly placed on the floor and that the shoulders and neck are relaxed the feet and shoulders are required to be maintain their position throughout the exercise.

As we perform each of the movements we start to check different parts of the body, the first of the movements requires the pelvis to lift correctly. The second section I start to look at the movement of the lumber and to check that the abdominal muscles are controlling the movements. In the third movement I am looking for a relaxed movement through the rib caged, that we have no tension in the neck. For the fifth we stretching the arms over the head and checking that the shoulders are relaxed. In the sixth movement I start to look at the raise and  fall of the foot as it lifts into a demi point. In the next section I have  used a pelvic tilt and added  the leg extension this requires the whole body to perform the correctly to keep the balance.

Each of the moments can be seen as we pass through each section. If at any time we are unable to perform one we return back to something a little more basic to our routine until we have mastered it.

The movements also teach us to use all the other muscles correctly so improving our overall performance.






Michael Mann