Pilatesmann.com - Who is Michael Mann?

Michael trained in 1987 with Alan Herdman, who introduced Pilates into the UK in the early 70’s.


A brief bio:

During Michael's time in the RAF he trained as a swimming instructor and went on to train as a disability swimming teacher which sparked his interest in learning about anatomy and physiology. During 1985 and 1986 he worked as a swimming instructor and set up a disabled swimming club at Felixstowe which he ran for 20 years.


In 1986 while still working as a swimming instructor he met Lady Julia de Saumerez of Shrubland Hall Health Clinic. She encouraged him to go and train with a good friend of hers, Alan Herdman. Lady Julia also encouraged Michael to help others through Pilates, especially dancers, her special interest, and athletes. It was owing to this that Michael started his involvement with Danceast in the early 90’s, at first working with the dance trainees and now with the general public.


Michael has always been a keen swimmer, competing both at junior and senior level, representing Suffolk in the Masters age groups. In 2007 he took part in the London Triathlon completing the swimming length for his three-person team. Michael also trained as a First Aid Teacher and Assessor during his time at Shrubland Hall which he continues to do. He has used this qualification to assist Pilates teachers with their student training programs and also other organizations. Michael has found Pilates has kept him fit for swimming. He has also used it to help to maintain other swimmers’ fitness.


Michael was one of the founding members of the Pilates Foundation which was set up in 1996 by a group of Pilates teachers with the intention of protecting the integrity of the Pilates technique. This professional body, organized and run by fellow Pilates teachers, runs regular workshops and training sessions to refine the teachers’ knowledge which is a requirement of membership.


Michael worked at Shrubland Hall Health Clinic until it closed in April 2006 when he was invited to join the Gilmour Piper practice in Ipswich. Gilmour Piper originated as an Osteopathic practice 25years ago with the aim of delivering high quality osteopathic care to the local population. Our practice has developed beyond this and now involves a wide range of carefully selected and integrated disciplines. Practitioners working and communicating together ensure that your needs are properly considered and met by the most appropriate practitioner.



Throughout Michael's career he has worked very closely with both doctors and physiotherapists, notably Dr Andrew Boag at Shrubland Hall who was renowned for his manipulation techniques.


He has also worked closely with osteopaths and many other alternative therapists who have greatly expanded his expertise in handling all sorts of injuries and illnesses, assisting recovery and recuperation, and also maintaining the clients good health once achieved.


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