IPTA is an association of independent Pilates teachers who share a commitment to develop their practice through a process of collaboration. IPTA aims to be a vibrant, mutually supportive community of teaching professionals who respect the focus and individual approach of those within it and which recognises and embraces the expertise, experience and diversity of the contemporary Pilates profession.
Through a process of association between its members IPTA's mission statement is to help teachers establish and develop their practice by providing a platform for dynamic exchange of information and a variety of formal and informal opportunities for learning and professional development.
IPTA represents the shared vision of a small group of experienced Pilates teachers dedicated to exchanging their knowledge and skills who believe that it is knowledge that connects and association that makes learning possible.
The founders of IPTA have a depth of teaching experience in a variety of specialist fields, and have seen the successful graduation of hundreds of teachers from their training courses. Membership of IPTA will allow teachers to join this pool of experience, and enjoy the opportunity of formal, and informal professional development that this shared experience fosters. As our membership grows, the pool of knowledge and experience grows - our members are what gives value to membership of IPTA.
Membership of IPTA is currently by invitation only. The founders intend to invite teachers, and movement and bodywork professionals, that they believe share similar values, and will contribute to the community that IPTA seeks to be. All teaching members of IPTA agree to adhere to our Charter.