First Aid Courses

 I have been running courses since the early 1991 and since 1998 with NUCO, 

 Nuco training is a UK registered company (reg no. 03684918) and was first incorporated on the 17th December 1998.

The companies activities covers all aspects of First Aid, Defibrillation and Health & Safety Training.
In particular, Nuco Training Ltd specialises in First Aid and Defibrillation Instructor Training Courses.
The Company has many Accreditations and Memberships with the appropriate Industry led bodies.
these are the courses I am able to teach.

1-day Emergency First Aid at Work
2-day First Aid at Work requalification
3-day First Aid at Work
2-day Activity First Aid
1-day Emergency Paediatric First Aid
2-day Paediatric First Aid
1-day CPR and AED
4-hour Basic Life Support and safe use of an AED
4-hour Basic Life Support and safe use of an AED
1-day Oxygen Therapy Administration
1-day Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis

HSENI (Northern Ireland)

ISO 9001

Career Transition Partnership (CTP)


First Aid Awards

Future Awards and Qualifications
I run courses for many organisation around suffolk, and several in London,
these courses are based on your requirements and needs to Help you deal with a situation that you might find yourself in.    

1 day Emergency First Aid at Work Kelly Goulon studio 

contact 07702720980


The course I ran in Halesworth on the 7th October, was most enjoyable we had a lot of fun as it meant I had to think outside the box I was teaching a group of tree surgeons also known as lumber jacks !!!! It meant that I was able to use things I would normal not be able to and it was great fun to do. I came across thing I had never thought of before like different types of crush injuries and how to deal with them.


It is also time for me to run a training session at Gilmour Pipers when the school holidays are over.


I have  had some changes in the law for the first aid courses, the changes are not major but it is going to take me some time to go through everything. This is one of those things that will not change when we leave the EU as we are controlled by all the governing bodies around the world.


I also have to retake my oxygen and anaphylactic shock something I have to do every three years, I am not sure if I will enjoy this but it is essential for me to keep my certifications up to scratch but it will also give me an insight into what is going on  and abreast of any changes.

It is that time of the year when I need someone to exam me so I think I will ask Allan to come into my class at Ipswich and Suffolk club I hope to be running a course for the staff at the club and to help Robert with some of the problems the staff might find.