Pilatesmann.com - About Pilatesmann.com

I have designed and set up Pilatesmann to help many of my regular clinic clients who frequently travel around the world. This will enable them to keep up with some of the basic exercises, helping them to relax their bodies from the journey and maintain a basic level of fitness. Over the years I have made up tapes and CDs for them which they have found helpful and I have used the same principals and format when designing this site.

The site is set up with individual exercises which will be shown in different formats, so you can choose the format that is best for you and the circumstances you find yourself in. First, all the exercises are shown as a series of still photos with written instructions alongside them, then they are in movie format with one of my pupils demonstrating them with me talking you through them.

The individual exercises have been grouped together to form a routine shown in both these formats.  

I have tried to keep the exercises as simple as possible, each being a basic movement that will let you work within a small space such as a hotel room, with little or with no equipment.

In the future if you are unable to get on the internet, I hope it will be possible for you to obtain a DVD of various routines from me.

Please remember that this is an aid to the pupil and that it is really better to work within a studio under a teacher’s supervision, especially if you are concerned about your health or have any injuries.

If at any time you feel that your body is not able to cope with any of the exercises STOP and rest and return to your health provider or instructor for advice and help.

On the site you will also find some basic information on physiology and anatomy. This has been included for those of you who are interested and is not essential reading.

Each month I will be adding new exercises to a routine or even whole new routines or a new section that will deal with a single problem, such as the neck, shoulders or lower back, so that the site will keep evolving for you.